Learn more about planning a funeral.

Funeral Pre-Planning Overview

Pre-planning a funeral is the one thing we all need to do, and the one thing we always believe can be put off to another day.

The average cost of a funeral and burial is about $10,000. Would you have your family cover that expense unexpectedly, or would you want them to know that you’ve already thought of it?

By preplanning a funeral and/or cremation, and planning for funeral expenses, you protect your family’s financial welfare.

Save Money with Pre-Paid Funeral plans

Preplan funeral services to get lower cost services, or affordably manage funeral costs. For example, with funeral insurance, also known as death insurance or final expense insurance, you make small monthly payments on a life insurance policy specifically designed to cover your funeral costs.

Social security pays only $255 towards funeral expenses, barely a drop in the bucket of end-of-life expenses. Don’t count on the government to cover costs, plan for them instead.

How do You Solve the Problem of Funeral Costs?

  • Save enough cash on hand in an accessible account to cover funeral or cremation expenses.
  • Keep enough available credit in an accessible or joint account to cover costs.
  • Prepay funeral costs with a local funeral home.
  • Purchase death insurance

Death and Funeral Burial Insurance

Like other insurance policies, you hope never to need it. Realistically, it’s the one insurance policy you know will pay out some day. Death or funeral insurance is a low cost, low value life insurance policy that pays out almost immediately upon death for the express purpose of covering funeral and cremation costs. Low monthly payments keep the policy active. Payment is made directly to the funeral home, with excess funds paid to any additional beneficiary.

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