Preparing for the expenses associated with the end of life causes stress and financial struggles for grieving families. Our final expense overview helps you examine your options for final expense costs, but we encourage families to contact us for final expense planning assistance or a final expense insurance quote.

Planning for Final Expense Costs is Stressful

Planning for a funeral and other final expense costs often comes as a shock for families in the midst of final planning. Our final expense information indicates the average cost for a funeral alone, nationwide, is around $7,500. In 2000, that cost averaged around $5,000, and 10 years before that the average cost was $3,700. Many families simply can’t afford the $7,500 of an average funeral today, and they’ll struggle more with costs that are projected to rise in the future. Final expense plans that include insurance and other final expense assistance are invaluable resources for families that would struggle to cover these costs.

Consider Final Expense Life Insurance Assistance

Final expense assistance helps struggling families cover the final expense costs associated with a funeral, cremation, and burial. Final expense plans come in a few forms, including:

  • Plans to pre-pay final expenses
  • Insurance for final expenses
  • Payment arrangements with specific providers

What’s right for your situation varies depending on your funeral provider and your financial resources, but the best final expense assistance typically includes preplanning and final expense insurance.

A Funeral Expense Policy Helps

Final expense life insurance is the most valuable tool available today for families planning for funeral, cremation, and burial expenses. A final expense policy, also called a funeral expense policy or death insurance policy, is a limited insurance policy designed specifically to offset the costs of funerals and other death-related expenses.

Insurance for final expenses may pay out directly to a specific funeral home to help cover your costs, or pay out to a designated beneficiary who then directs the funds to final expense providers, such as funeral homes, cremation providers, and others. Not all final expense insurance companies are alike, though; make sure you understand what the final expense policy covers, how it pays out, and what happens to the remainder of the funds in the policy.

Contact Us for Final Expense Information and Insurance

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