If you’re creating a final plan on a budget, cremation is the most affordable way of dealing with the final disposition. Direct cremation expenses are thousands of dollars less than a funeral with traditional burial, making cremation a good choice for families who need to plan on a budget. Even though cremation expenses are a fraction of the cost of a funeral and burial, though, the cost of cremation varies significantly from provider to provider. It’s important to understand cremation expenses when you’re creating a final plan, as well as the strategies for managing final plan cremation costs.

What can You Expect in Cremation Expenses?

Cremation expenses are extremely variable based on the region, the provider, and the services included in the cremation plan.

On average, cremation expenses range from $1,000 to $2,500 – or more.

Why is there such a dramatic range in cremation expenses?

In addition to the cost of cremation itself, you’ll encounter other expenses related to the cremation, such as:

  • The cost to transport the remains to the cremation facility
  • The fee for getting a copy of the death certificate
  • A cremation permit fee, and disposition permit fee, when applicable
  • Professional fees of the funeral home staff or cremation provider
  • Storage fees if the cremation doesn’t occur right away
  • The cost of an urn
  • Costs associated with returning the remains to the family, or arranging a scattering ceremony

With such a wide range of cremation-related fees, it’s easy to see how a little variance across each of those fees could create a big difference in the final cremation cost.

How to Pay for Your Final Plan Cremation Expenses

When crafting a strategy to pay for your final plan’s cremation expenses, families turn to a few different tools to help manage cremation costs:

• Pre-planning and pre-paying for cremation to secure a lower cremation cost
• Purchasing insurance for final expenses, including cremation
• Making payment arrangements with specific providers
• Cutting down on cremation services to reduce costs

The right solution for your family may vary depending on the provider and whether or not you’ve had an opportunity to pre-plan for cremation. Many families use a combination of these strategies in order to create a final cremation plan that meets their budget.

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