Many families prefer traditional burial to cremation, but burial has one significant downside: it’s more expensive than cremation. When families fail to pre-plan for burial, they’re often caught off-guard by the array of burial expenses and the high costs of these services. Our checklist helps families prepare for these costs, and resources such as pre paid burial options and final expense insurance helps families manage the financial details associated with a burial plan.

Create Your Burial Plan

Creating a burial plan is about juggling wants and desires with economic considerations. Many decisions influence burial cost, including:

  • Choose a casket: $1,000 to $8,000 or more
  • Pick a burial plot: $1,000 and up
  • Select a burial vault: $1,195 and up
  • Consider headstones and memorial options: $2,000 and up

The simplest burial plan options start at around $3,000 and go up from there, and that doesn’t include the cost of a headstone or memorial to mark the gravesite. The more elaborate you get with a casket, or the more desirable or high-demand the burial plot, the higher the cost. When you plan burial options that are more mid-range or high-end, the costs easily skyrocket to the tens of thousands of dollars- not counting funeral expenses.

There are also fixed costs associated with burial, such as the costs to open and close the grave (typically $1,000), hearse and utility vehicle costs ($400), and the cost of a graveside service.

For help planning your burial, contact us to get an end-of-life checklist and make sure you don’t forget to account for any important details.

Pre-Paid Burial Options

A pre paid burial helps families manage the costs associated with burial. Pre-paid burial typically involves

  • creating a burial plan ahead of time;
  • meeting with the funeral home, selecting a casket, and making funeral arrangements;
  • and selecting a burial site, and making arrangements with the cemetery to pre-pay those costs.

With pre-paid burial options, families make a lump sum payment to cover the costs and lock in the prices at today’s rates, or choose a payment agreement to pay providers monthly or on a scheduled basis for a fixed number of payments. The specifics vary depending on provider and region.

Request a Final Insurance Quote to Help Cover Burial Costs

Final expense insurance, or burial insurance, helps families manage the costs associated with a traditional burial. Fill out our online form to request a free final expense insurance quote and ensure that your family has the resources it needs to pay for your burial plan.