Benefits of Advance Funeral Planning in Los Angeles

Preplanning your funeral with Simpson’s Family Mortuary Los Angeles enables you to make your own decisions about how you’d like to be laid to rest – and help remove the financial burden of paying for your funeral from your grieving family at the time of your passing. With advance funeral planning, you are in control of selecting the services you want, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your family won’t have to make stressful decisions in their time of loss.

Select the Services You Want with Simpson’s Family Mortuary
Simpson’s Family Mortuary provides a full range of funeral services, and has been serving the Los Angeles area for more than 35 years. When you preplan your funeral with Simpson’s Family Mortuary, you are in control of the services you want for your funeral. Arrange details such as:

  • Choose cremation, burial, or interment in a mausoleum
  • Select a casket for burial or interment
  • Choose the type of service you’d like at your funeral
  • Designate who you’d like to preside over your service
  • Make arrangements for special services such as a graveside service or specific religious rites

Pre-planning your funeral gives you the ability to set the tone, even designating specific music you would like to have played during your service. Arranging these essential details ensures your wishes are respected, and removes the burden from your family during their time of loss.

Control Your Funeral Costs When You Pre-Plan
Many families are shocked to learn that an average funeral can easily cost $10,000 – or more – in the Los Angeles area. Without advance planning, funeral costs skyrocket – and grieving families often feel the need to make elaborate arrangements in order to show their love for the deceased.

When you work with Simpson’s Family Mortuary to pre-plan your funeral, you have the ability to control the costs, and even make arrangements to pay these costs so your family isn’t blindsided by the bill. We offer the ability to purchase death insurance to cover your funeral costs when you pass.

Spare your family the burden of planning your funeral when you pass. Make your own arrangements through advance funeral planning, and have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll be remembered in the way you desire – and that your family won’t suffer to pay for your funeral.

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