Final expense planning is the ultimate gift

We hear about death quite often. In fact, it’s a natural part of our daily lives. Some of us have experienced a death in the family. We read about tragedies in the news. Countless characters have died in our favorite TV shows this season. Like this man, we may face losing a spouse in the near future (if not to a space exploration mission, then to another risky venture).

While it may be difficult to consider our own deaths, doing so is immensely worthwhile. Planning a funeral or cremation ahead of time cuts down on funeral costs, provides peace of mind, and lets us clarify and communicate our final wishes.

Deaths are a meaningful life event. We save money for our weddings and college tuition for our kids. Why not for our funerals? Pre-planning and setting aside money for your funeral is a priceless gift to those you are leaving behind. 

Pre-planning Your Funeral or Cremation

An end-of-life plan involves making important decisions related to your memorial and the disposition of your remains. Decide whether you want a direct cremation, burial, a full-service funeral, or cremation with a memorial service. Then, plan the details related to your chosen service or services. To speak to an expert to guide you through the planning process and explain how to manage end-of-life expenses, fill out this form.

Pre-paying for Final Expenses

You don’t have to pay final expenses ahead of time, but pre-paying offers the benefit of locking in current prices for selected services. Paying final expenses ahead of time means that you are setting aside money in a trust or taking out an insurance policy that covers expenses when necessary. Many funeral homes offer payment plans that let you spread the total cost over a period of time.

Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance specifically covers costs relating to end-of-life services, such as a funeral, cremation, or burial. This insurance policy generally costs less than a life insurance plan and offers more accessibility of funds to your loved ones. If you already have life insurance, a final expense insurance policy offers extra security and quick access to the money at the time of death. You can dedicate specific funds to your funeral and reserve life insurance money to directly benefit your appointed trustees.

Funeral expense planning takes time and thoughtful consideration, but it also offers a great reward. Invest in the peace of mind and financial security of your loved ones while you have time. To speak with someone today about planning and paying for end-of-life services, request a free quote.