Your Brownsville, Texas Final Expense Insurance Provider

Garza Memorial Funeral Home, a family owned and operated funeral home serving Brownsville since 1915

With almost 100 years serving greater Brownsville, the Garza Memorial Funeral Home is a trusted member of the community and still family owned. Today, just as decades ago, you can trust our Brownsville funeral home to offer:

  • Compassionate services
  • Fairly priced services at a tremendous value
  • Trusted experience

A Tradition of Service

Garza Memorial Funeral Home is a full service Brownsville, TX funeral home. We take tremendous pride in offering affordable funeral and cremation services that

  • respect the deceased and offer a dignified memorial
  • are manageable expenses
  • are customized to meet the needs of your family
  • can be planned in advance.

At Garza Memorial Funeral Home, we create a funeral service that befits your loved one and suits the needs of your family. Whether a traditional faith based funeral or a unique Texas send-off, we plan for any funeral or cremation service. We help coordinate arrangements with local cemeteries and houses of worship.

Contact our Brownsville Funeral Home for services including:

  • transportation of the deceased
  • embalming
  • funeral services
  • cremation services
  • memorial services
  • graveside services
  • caskets and urns

A funeral or cremation is best planned in advance of need. Learn more about preplanning funeral services. Contact us today or complete the form to the right to plan an immediate Brownsville funeral or cremation, or prepare for a future need.

Affordable, Dignified Brownsville Cremation

With our long history, Garza Memorial Funeral Home has witnessed the trend towards practical and low cost cremation services. Nationwide, more than 40% of deceased persons are cremated. Cremation is often chosen for its:

  • Low cost
  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Practicality
  • Environmental friendliness.

Garza Memorial Funeral Home offers a simple cremation without other services for under $1,000. Many families find cremation to be a very affordable alternative to burial, and appreciate the opportunity to reduce their final footprint, abandoning the need to occupy a plot of land eternally. Cremation allows families to conduct funeral services prior to cremation or come together for a memorial service following cremation.

Garza Memorial Funeral Home arranges cremation services when there has been a death in the family and helps you plan ahead for a future cremation need. Whenever possible, plan for cremation as part of your estate plan or final plan. By planning ahead, you are able to:

  • Define your wishes for final needs
  • Take control of final planning
  • Share your wishes with your family
  • Save money
  • Spare your family the burden of planning and payment.

To help you manage cremation costs, the Garza Memorial Funeral Home offers death insurance, allowing you to make small monthly payments now that cover the cost of your Brownsville cremation in the future. Contact us today for cremation pricing information by completing the form on the right with your request.

We are sorry for your loss. Contact us immediately for help making arrangements.

At this difficult time, let our family take care of yours. Garza Memorial Funeral Home, A Brownsville funeral home, is your trusted source for dignified funeral and cremation services. Our caring staff guides you through planning for final needs while handling death paperwork on your behalf. Know that we will be by your side helping you navigate this process and creating a meaningful memorial for your loved one.

Garza Memorial Funeral Home has a well deserved reputation for providing quality services at a low cost. Contact us now for services. We’re here to help.

Plan ahead as a final gift to your family.


Garza Memorial Funeral Home knows the emotion and financial stress that come with losing a loved one can seem overwhelming. That is why we offer a better way.

With our death insurance program, our Brownsville funeral home helps you plan ahead for funeral and cremation services, managing funeral costs while protecting your family. Funeral and cremation preplanning is one of the many ways we help you take care of your family.

With funeral preplanning,

  • we create a funeral plan or cremation plan that defines your preferred services;
  • we provide a funeral price quote;
  • we arrange payment for the funeral.

Death insurance is the most cost effective way to pay for a final plan. With final expense insurance, arranged through our trusted, secure broker, you pay just a few dollars a month for coverage. At the time of death, the insurance company makes an immediate payment to cover the cost of the funeral or cremation.

Your family need never be burdened by your final expenses. Leave one last gift for your family. Plan toda

The Affordable Brownsville Funeral Home

At Garza Memorial Funeral Home, serving Brownsville since 1915, we take pride in offering a superior value for services. With average U.S. funeral costs in the $8-10,000 range, Garza Memorial Funeral Home offers complete funeral packages starting at just $2,895, and cremation services starting at less than $1,000.

To protect against a large lump sum payment at the time of death, Garza Memorial Funeral Home strongly suggests managing funeral costs ahead of time. Contact us today to learn about low cost death insurance policies to cover funeral and cremation costs. Complete the form on the right.