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The Lewallen-Garcia-Pipkin Funeral Home is a locally owned funeral home. We take pride in serving Midland with professional, dignified funeral and cremation services, offered with personal attention and great value.

As a full service Midland funeral home, we offer a range of services from traditional funerals to graveside services to veteran funerals. Whether you choose a Midland cremation or a faith-based funeral, our caring staff works with you to create a memorial that befits you and your family, taking into account your preferences, faith, and budget.

Plan funeral services with Lewallen-Garcia-Pipkin Funeral Home by completing the form to the right for:

  • Our expertise
  • Compassionate care
  • Full range of funeral and cremation services
  • True Texas services.

Plan for Tomorrow’s Funeral Needs Today

At the Lewallen-Garcia-Pipkin Funeral Home, we find that final needs are best planned in advance rather than at death. Advance planning allows you to consider all funeral and cremation options, and carefully consider the value of each service. Complete the form to the right to begin planning.

Planning a Funeral:

  • Consult to review all funeral and cremation options
  • Write a final plan defining your choices
  • Register your plan with our Midland funeral home
  • Get a funeral cost quote for your final plan
  • Arrange payment for final expenses
  • Communicate your final plan to your loved ones

Death Insurance

To make funeral planning affordable for our community, the Lewallen-Garcia-Pipkin Funeral Home arranges final expense life insurance. For a cost of just a few dollars per month, you enjoy a benefit that covers funeral costs at the time of death.

By planning and paying for a funeral in advance, you ensure your family’s protection. Your loved ones needn’t worry about planning or coming up with several thousand dollars for funeral expenses.

Contact us by completing the form to the right for more information.

Plan Your Midland Cremation

The Lewallen-Garcia-Pipkin Funeral Home in Midland, Texas offers direct cremation services and cremation with other funeral services. The number of people choosing cremation for final needs continues to rise because a Midland cremation is:

  • Affordable
  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • A green burial alternative

To us, the most important thing is to provide dignified services that respect and care for you loved one and your family. Our Midland funeral home works with you to ensure your needs are met.

Whenever possible, we encourage families to plan for cremation in advance of an anticipated need. By planning ahead of time, you:

  • Define your final plan
  • Communicate your wishes to the Lewallen-Garcia-Pipkin Funeral Home
  • Communicate your wishes to your family
  • Arrange payment for cremation costs.

We offer extremely affordable final expense insurance so that you can pay just a few dollars per month now to have cremation costs covered later. Complete the form to the right to learn more.

We are sorry for your loss. Contact us now, no matter the time, for immediate assistance.

Losing a loved one is an incredibly stressful time. Know that all of us at the Lewallen-Garcia-Pipkin Funeral Home in Midland are here to help. Our expertise and compassionate care are your guides as you make funeral arrangements. Let us take some of the burden from you. Allow us to take care of death arrangements and funeral arrangements so that you can take care of your family.

We offer a full range of funeral and cremation services at our Midland Funeral Home.

Plan Your Midland Funeral

As a full service Midland funeral provider, the Lewallen-Garcia-Pipkin Funeral Home offers:

Traditional funeral services. Often faith-based, traditional funeral services include a viewing, a funeral, transportation to the cemetery, and, sometimes, a graveside service.

Midland Cremation. Our cremation services are available as a simple or direct cremation, meaning without other services, or in conjunction with a viewing, funeral, or memorial service. One of the benefits of cremation is the flexibility it provides.

Memorial Service. This service is often chosen to follow a cremation for a less structured memorial gathering.

Graveside Service. A graveside service often includes prayers and an opportunity for family and friends to place flowers or dirt upon the casket prior to burial.

Alternative or Green Funeral. The Lewallen-Garcia-Pipkin Funeral Home staff ensures that every family has the funeral service that meets their needs. We customize and individualize services to match your priorities.

Complete the form to the right to begin planning the funeral service that is right for your family.

Lewallen-Garcia-Pipkin Funeral Home & Chapel

Lewallen-Garcia-Pipkin Funeral Home & Chapel, a Midland funeral home, proudly serves our community with personalized, expert funeral and cremation services.

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