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Russo’s Hillside Chapels serves Hillside and Westchester IL with quality funeral and cremation services provided by dedicated and compassionate staff.

Whether you have had a death in the family and require immediate assistance, or are end-of-life planning and are ready to develop a final plan, Russo’s Hillside Chapels helps you create the funeral service that best fits your family’s personality, culture, and faith. We are responsive to budgeting concerns.

Choose Russo’s Hillside Chapels for our:

  • Expertise
  • Complete services
  • Personalized services
  • And state-of-the-art facility.

Plan ahead for peace of mind, and out of love for your family.

Most of us would rather not think about final care and funeral expenses. Funeral planning is, however, an important part of end-of-life planning. With average funeral and burial costs over $10,000, it is prudent to plan in advance. Aside from a large lump sum payment, what options are there?

  • Social Security Benefits. Social security covers only $255 of funeral expenses.
  • Veteran Benefits. Eligible veterans may be buried in a national cemetery and receive military honors. Funeral and cremation costs must still be covered by the family.
  • Insurance: Funeral. Manage future funeral costs by choosing a small benefit funeral coverage insurance plan. Low monthly payments provide a funeral insurance benefit that covers funeral expenses entirely, and is paid out quickly and efficiently to ensure your family won’t be burdened.

Contact us by using the form on the right to develop a funeral plan and discuss funeral payments.

Cremation Services: Simple and Affordable

Russo’s Hillside Chapels offers cremation services with a funeral or memorial service as well as direct cremation services without a funeral. Families choose a Hillside cremation for its

  • Low Cost
  • Ease
  • Flexibility

Cremation is also a green burial alternative. With these advantages, the number of people choosing a Hillside cremation continues to rise. Nationwide, over 40% of people choose cremation for final needs. You can make arrangements for a cremation. We offer a full range of ancillary services, custom designed to meet your needs. Contact us by using the form on the right today to discuss if cremation is the right choice for you or a loved one, and to get a cremation price quote.

We are sorry for your loss. Contact us immediately for help making arrangements.

We are sorry for your loss.

Russo’s Hillside Chapels is here to help you in your time of need. Let our caring, expert staff guide you through the funeral planning process, and take care of death arrangements.

Whether you choose a traditional funeral, cremation, or alternative service, our Hillside Funeral Home helps you create a personalized service that befits your loved one and reflects your family. Russo’s Hillside Chapels is your best choice in the greater Hillside and Westchester IL area for funeral and cremation needs. We’re here to help.

A Tradition of Service

Russo’s Hillside Chapels is experienced in creating all types of funeral and memorial services. In planning a memorial for yourself or a loved one, we custom create a funeral service to match your preferences and needs. Consult with our caring staff to learn which ceremony is best for you:

  • Traditional funeral service
  • Alternative funeral service
  • Veteran funeral
  • Memorial service
  • Graveside service
  • Cremation with funeral service.

Immediate Need. At this difficult time, let us share your burden and handle death arrangements.

Pre plan Funeral. Plan a funeral or cremation in advance of need for optimal planning and management of funeral costs. Contact us by using the form on the right today to set up a planning session.

Whatever your funeral and cremation needs, our Hillside funeral home is here to help. Contact us now.

Funeral Preplanning

Russo’s Hillside Chapels encourages you to plan for final needs ahead of need. There are many benefits to preplanning funeral and cremation services.

  • Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing final needs are planned.
  • Get control over funeral and cremation expenses.
  • Spare your family the burden of planning.
  • Protect your family’s finances. Ensure your loved ones needn’t come up with funeral funds.

Funeral preplanning is easy. Contact us to schedule an appointment in our Hillside funeral home to discuss your own funeral preferences. Define a final plan. Develop a financial plan. Communicate your choices to your family. Then, when the time comes, your family need only place a phone call to Russo’s Hillside Chapels, knowing that all decisions have been made and funeral expenses have been paid.

Death Insurance
Russo’s Hillside Chapels offers final expense insurance policies as an affordable and easy way to handle funeral and cremation costs. With a final expense policy, you pay a small amount each month. At the time of death, the final expense policy pays out immediately so that policy funds are available to cover funeral and cremation costs.

Complete the form on the right today to lean more, or to get started funeral planning.

Russo’s Hillside Chapels

Russo’s Hillside Chapels, a Hillside funeral home, specializes in personalized, memorable services. We work with each family to create a memorial that best honors your loved one, and represents their personality and preferences. Each funeral service is individually created to represent faith, culture, and personal wishes while respecting budget.

Russo’s Hillside Chapels appreciates the opportunity to work with your family whether you have an immediate need or are planning ahead for a future need, for a traditional funeral, cremation, or a unique memorial. Call us today for more information.