Your Sugar Land, Texas Final Expense Insurance Provider

Sugar Land Mortuary is much more than a full service funeral home. We instill the highest service values in everything that we do. There are no limits on the care we provide for you family.

From personalized funeral and cremation services to our concierge desk and complimentary valet, our Sugar Land funeral home is dedicated to caring for you, your family, and friends as you memorialize a loved one or plan your own funeral.


Plan ahead for peace of mind, and out of love for your family.

Whenever possible, Sugar Land Mortuary encourages you to plan final needs along with other estate planning or end-of-life planning. Advance funeral planning allows you to carefully consider all options, and discuss them with your family.

Funeral planning allows you to

  • Define a final plan.
  • Evaluate the cost of a final plan.
  • Record your plan with Sugar Land Mortuary.
  • Communicate your wishes to your family.
  • Make financial arrangements to cover funeral costs.
  • Spare your family the burden of planning and payment.

Give your loved ones a final gift. Social security benefits provide only $250 towards funeral expenses. The average cost of a funeral and burial exceeds $10,000. Don’t leave funeral costs to your loved one. Make arrangements today. Complete the form on the right.

Our Sugar Land funeral home offers a final expense insurance policy for low affordable monthly payments to cover funeral costs. A small amount each month, undisturbed, means that funeral costs are paid quickly at the time of death. Contact us for more information.

Cremation Services: Simple and Affordable

Sugar Land Mortuary offers cremation services with a funeral or memorial service or a simple cremation without other services. The number of people that choose a Sugar Land cremation for final needs continues to rise because cremation is

  • Affordable
  • Easy
  • Flexible
  • A green burial alternative.

Is a cremation right for you or your loved one? Sugar Land Mortuary appreciates the opportunity to create a dignified and meaningful cremation service, with or without a funeral service.
If you have the opportunity to plan ahead for your own final needs, we offer a final expense insurance policy to cover the cost of cremation. Contact us today to learn more about Sugar Land cremation services and cremation prices.

We are sorry for your loss. Contact us immediately for help making arrangements.

Please accept our sympathies for your loss. We are here to help.

Sugar Land Mortuary takes pride in offering the highest standard of care and service. At this difficult time, we hope you will let us care for you and your family.

While handling practical death arrangements, we guide you through the funeral and cremation planning process to create a personalized, meaningful funeral service for your departed loved one. We offer white glove, five star services including complimentary valet service and beverage service so that you needn’t be burdened with the small details. Our concierge is available to ensure your comfort and that of your friends and family paying their respects.

Call now: (832) 232-0305. Let us help bear this burden.

A Tradition of Service

Sugar Land Mortuary has rethought the way funeral and cremation services are provided. There is no more challenging time than the loss of a loved one. At this difficult time, the Sugar Land Mortuary wishes to care for your every need and ease your burden.

We start with expert funeral counseling, helping you and your family create a meaningful funeral service that reflects your faith, customs, and preferences. We implement your final plan with care and precision. Then, we ensure your ancillary needs are cared for with complimentary valet and beverage services, a concierge desk, and a doorman.

This level of care and detail extends to everything we do, whether a simple cremation service or an extended traditional funeral. Trust us with your funeral needs and your family’s care.

Contact us today to begin funeral planning.

Sugar Land Mortuary

Sugar Land Mortuary is a locally owned and operated Sugar Land funeral home that believes there is a better way to serve your family in your time of need. At Sugar Land Mortuary, we are committed to offering you the highest level of care and service, handling all the details surrounding death so you can concentrate on your family.

Our funeral directors and staff are humbly at your service. We appreciate the opportunity to guide your family through the funeral or cremation process. Please contact us to learn more about our services. We’re here to help.